How to avoid sexual health problems

    We have compiled some of the best and most useful tips to avoid sexual health problems, and so that you can enjoy your relationship 100%. Complications that we can easily avoid and simple habits that should be acquired from now on.

    Among the most annoying, painful and even “embarrassing” diseases and complications that exist are sexual health problems. We refer to sexually transmitted diseases, lack of sexual appetite or erectile dysfunction problems, among others. Therefore, in this post Dr P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi, has decided to compile some simple tips that will teach you how to avoid sexual health problems. Let’s go there.

    How to avoid sexual health problems, 10 tips

    It is very important, as we said, to acquire a series of habits to maintain our sexual health. In Spain it seems that both women and men still do not pay too much attention to certain aspects such as having a Pap smear or using contraceptive methods. If you want to avoid sexual health problems take note.

    Meet your partner

    The first thing you should do is get to know the other person. If your partner suffers from a sexually transmitted disease, or is prone to vaginal yeast infection, for example, it will be very helpful to know this in advance to know when to have intercourse or not.

    The communication

    In this sense, communication is also important, based on the fact that a healthy sexual relationship must be based on respect and mutual understanding and on the consent of both parties.

    Communication avoids misunderstandings and can become a strong aphrodisiac.

    Exercising or playing a sport

    Practicing some sport or exercising will also help us avoid sexual health problems, since we will experience an emotional improvement and feeling good about ourselves will increase our libido. Without forgetting the physical condition, not least to be able to enjoy sex.

    In this sense, there are numerous sports that benefit sexual health. In the case of women, swimming can help strengthen the pelvic floor and avoid vaginismus or other difficulties when reaching orgasm.

    As far as men are concerned, sport can help overcome ejaculation problems or erectile dysfunction.

    Another of the sports that is recommended to practice to improve sexual health is Pilates, as long as you do not have pelvic floor problems. Yoga also helps combat sexual appetite problems.


    One of the main problems that exist today is the lack of information, or rather we should say interest.

    Health information for young people

    Information is within our reach, increasingly available and accessible, however there is still a great deal of ignorance about one’s own body and a mentality of “I have everything under control” or “this is not going to happen to me”.

    The best remedy is to find out, read, consult a sexologist in Delhi and get to know yourself.

    Beware of risky practices

    The most common risk practice is usually having sex without contraceptives, a frequent and common mistake with painful consequences: sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, etc. As simple as it is, why take the risk?

    No Smoking

    It is clinically proven that tobacco use decreases fertility. In the case of men, for example, it affects the blood flow of the penis and causes early aging of its arteries.

    Corporal hygiene

    Maintaining good body hygiene also prevents contracting infections. A clean body is synonymous with a healthy body. However, when it comes to sexual health, we must take special care, among other things, in avoiding the removal of public hair or remembering to urinate after having sex, a practice that we should carry out in order to protect ourselves from diseases that can endanger health.

    Control of emotions

    One of the main things we must do is avoid toxic relationships. Self-control is also important, as stress can reduce sexual desire.

    Turn to experts

    In the case of women, it is crucial to go to regular gynecological check-ups. If you have any symptoms or doubts, you should always visit a specialist.                                                   

    Take a good diet

    A diet high in saturated fat can lead to problems of a sexual nature, such as decreased sperm concentration in the ejaculate or less sperm fluid.

    And finally, you should not forget the numerous benefits of sex for health. Any problem that can reduce them is worth fighting and/or avoiding.

    Remember, any question or doubt you have should be resolved as soon as possible; Before the appearance of symptoms of a disease or sexual dysfunction, consult sexologist in Delhi without feeling ashamed about it. At Dr P K Gupta Super Speciality Clinic you will be in the best hands. We have the best sexologist in Delhi who will guide you in order to prevent possible diseases or, on the contrary, if you already have any symptoms, they will treat you as a matter of urgency.

    If you want to fully enjoy yourself with your partner, start with these useful tips. You will appreciate it.


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